Friday, May 03, 2013

Clean Thursday, Good Friday

Last night we made unleavened bread, as my friend Allie mentioned, and read about the Last Supper. The recipe there mentions that Jewish rules allow 18 minutes from the time the dough is mixed until it goes into the oven. We definitely couldn't fulfill that requirement! That led to some great discussion about law and righteousness and what Jesus did for us.

(This morning we also took leftovers out with us for snack, and it was rather funny to hear Raia explaining Jewish Passover to the various neighbor children as she shared her matzo around.)

Tonight we read about "The Darkest Day," taped the light switches off, and got ready for bed in dark and (relative) quiet.

And now we wait....


Betsy de Cruz said...

Happy Easter to You. Christ is Risen! (Or am I mixed up? Have you already celebrated Russian Easter and now this is just Passover by itself???) Christ is Risen no matter what the day though! :-)

Baba Julie said...

What wonderful understanding you are imparting to the children! I'm sure the neighbor children were wondering about Raia's explanation! Bogdan didn't look like he was too thrilled with the Matzo! And, an early "He is Risen" to all of you! We love you all!