Friday, May 31, 2013


I was trying to think of how I could write a blog post from my beloved Kindle. The internet access on it has been a nice treat this week, but typing is just about impossible. I was thinking that I could write "CP" and see if you all would guess that it stood for Chicken Pox and Changed Plans. Probably not.

We're still in Kherson. We should have been home by now, but last night, as we were getting ready to leave, they asked if we would stay another week. So, there are the Changed Plans.

As far as Chicken Pox, Jaan came down with them almost as soon as we got here. That made for a rough few days, but he was a trooper and is already starting to feel better now.

Photos are a challenge on this computer, so this is all I have for now:
Jaan and Bogdan down by the river.
I have a borrowed computer now, so I thought I'd type up what our time here has been busy with so far, before I forget. It's only been busy for about half of us. The other half has been going for long, slow walks and taking care of chicken pox. Anyway, in list form:

  • Late Thursday night - arrived in Kherson and found the apartment we had reserved.
  • Friday - walked around some, rested from the trip. Made plans to go to Agape seminar the next morning.
  • Saturday morning - woke up to. . . Jaan with chicken pox! So, Will and the girls went to the seminar. I stayed back with both boys.
  • Sunday - Will and the girls went to church in the morning. In the evening they invited Will to spend time with the teens at one of the Agape adaptation homes, so he went and ended up staying out until 1:00.
  • Monday - Will was up early to go on an orphange visit out in Kherson oblast. That evening he and Raia went with a group visiting another orphanage here in Kherson.
  • Tuesday - This was the big event for orphans from the surrounding area. More than 400 children came from orphanages all around for a puppet show, lunch, and a boat ride. (There are more photos on Facebook, too.) Again, Jaan, Bogdan and I didn't go, but Will, Raia and Asya were there.
  • Wednesday - Will started working on translating and dubbing Agape's informational video clips. Soon we'll be able to link to those in English. In the evening we met up with the Fedorchuk family (Agape founder and director) and a visiting American for dinner. Jaan was starting to feel a little better!
  • Thursday - Will worked on the videos more at the Agape office again and was able to finally spend some time talking in more detail with Alex Fedorchuk about the possibility of us working with Agape.
  • Friday - that's today, right? Today we rested. Will only went out with Jaan and Raia to pick up this computer that he's borrowing to do further translation work with, and do some shopping.
There. That's "just the facts." I'll try to do more fun details and pictures later, as I have time and computer access.

In the week ahead, Will should be finishing up with the videos, we'll be attending a session of Agape's Bible school, and then on Friday or Saturday--we're a bit tired and confused here--Agape workers from all over Ukraine will be coming together for a day of fellowship and another boat ride. Jaan will get to go on that one! And we'll be able to meet many of the people that are a part of what is happening here.

Of course, that probably leaves you with lots of questions still. It's the same for us, but we are glad to finally make some progress on decisions about where we'll be going next in life and ministry. Thank you for your prayers, and please keep praying.


Mom said...

Thank you so much for this; having an update is most welcome. (I did guess that CP meant chicken pox, but not changed plans.)

We love you.

amy in peru said...

wow. sounds like big stuff is happening. keeping on praying... :)

Baba Julie said...

Hello to all! So glad that Jaan is feeling better! Has anyone else showed signs of it? We've been praying! And, how encouraging that you are being able to spend all of that time there investigating! Sounds like it will be good to get home and rest some, though! Thanks for the update! Love to all of you!

Chris and Carole said...

Sounds like you've been busy!!! I'm wondering if the rest of the children will also come down with the chicken pox!