Saturday, May 11, 2013

DIRTY dacha day

Bogdan was initiated into the joys of mud today. I realized that at this time last year, he wasn't even walking. He enjoyed our dacha then, but couldn't really get involved like he is this year. Asya carefully mud painted him all over, and he loved it. He kept signing for me to sit in the basin with him, but I'm afraid that I didn't oblige him in that one.

The dacha chairman came by while there were wallowing and commented on how "original" these children are. We often laugh about how our neighbor drives his grandchildren out and carries them from the car to the hammock. They sit and read or play quietly, and then he carries them back and drives off. Their feet don't ever even touch the ground. And our children greet him painted black and yelling, "Grandfather, we're Africans!"


Mom said...

The delight on his face says it all--the joy of childhood expressed!

We love you!

Baba Julie said...

I guess the "grandfather" does think they are "orginal"!!! "Grandfather, we're Africans" is hysterical!! I'm still laughing! And, the littlest African seems to be thoroughly enjoying the experience!! Love you all!