Thursday, August 06, 2015

Answered prayer

I have noticed some great answers to prayer recently, and I wanted to share them.

Remember that I asked for prayer for a family for "little K."? Her soon-to-be-mom just told me that the very day I posted that was the day they committed to adopting her! They will be coming next week to start the adoption process for her and a sister for her, so please cover them in prayer now.

I have often asked for prayer for the amazing family I got to know back in the spring when they were adopting three more children here. (One was "mine." In other words, she was from "my" orphanage.) After they got home, the mom was very seriously injured and has been in the hospital for large chunks of time. They have eight children, seven of whom have special needs. They needed their mama, and she needs her health! And now--finally--it looks like she's starting to get better. Praise God! He is using their trials to turn other people's hearts to adoption and special needs, too. They still need prayer, of course. There's still a long road to recovery, but I'm encouraged even just to be hearing her "voice" again online and to know that she's able to be with her little ones now.

"My" sweetie recently


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Mom said...

Highly encouraging. PTL!

Baba Julie said...

Amen! We will be praying for the adopting family and for the other adoptive family with the severely injured mom! PTL, she's finally getting better!! And, praise for their trials encouraging others to look to adoption!! I praise God for a biological mother who chose life and adoption for me!! Love you all!!

Phyllis said...

Stephanie is down again. :-( More prayers for her and her family, please!