Saturday, August 01, 2015

Home again, home again

That was a long trip! Adding an extra flight to the beginning really made it seem longer, but it was still quite easy, since I was by myself. I'm just exhausted now, after all of it. Of course, I have been greeted very enthusiastically here at home, and I'm loving being back with my family. Bogdan says that he missed me "this much" and holds up all ten fingers. That's about how I feel, too.

Here's a pretty photo that Mom took at the open house they had for me in Florida:


Baba Julie said...

BEAUTIFUL picture! Makes ME "homesick"! Reminds me of some visits with friends at lake retreats when I grew up in FL. So glad you had a good trip and that you are safely home! Love, Julie

Mom said...

Your presence seems like a wonderful dream; thank you so much for coming. We continue to be profoundly thankful for your life and for the worldwide impact you are having from Ukraine. Oh, how we love you!