Friday, August 28, 2015

End of summer fun

I wish I had taken the camera to the orphanage today. We had so much fun! Jaan and Raia both went with me. They had prepared different games and a whole backpack full of toys. We actually prayed before we went that the nice worker would be on duty, not the one who doesn't like me. When we got there, both were working. The amazing part was how nice the latter was, too. It was really a miracle. She greeted me by fussing about why we had come so late, and saying that she would only let the kids stay out for 20 more minutes. And then she stayed for a whole hour and let them play. (Often she doesn't even let them play, because it's easier just to keep everyone sitting in a quiet, straight line.) Maybe she actually enjoyed the fun and laughter?

What really floored me was that she suggested sneaking Jaan and Raia in to the building to let everyone keep playing after she had to leave! She's usually so strict with rules. Don't worry; we didn't do it. Just the fact that she suggested it was amazing, though. (Jaan and Raia can't go inside because they don't have medical clearance. They can play outside all they want, and as the weather gets cooler, we'll probably get the right paperwork done so that they can go in, too. But for now they can't.)

Jaan and Raia played so well with everyone. I almost just sat back and watched. Sometimes I'm really proud of them.  They had helicopter-like toys, with a string to pull so that a disk flies. That's actually quite a challenge for a lot of the kids we work with, but they thought up a way for each child to do it: "You hold the string, and I'll pull away from you," or "Here, we'll do it together," or.... Then our two brought out water guns and paper targets that they held while the kids soaked them. You should have heard the giggles! (Once they all realized that I really wouldn't be mad if my children got wet, that is.) Next they blew up beach balls and kept on going with more games until "our" two groups had to go in.

After that, Jaan and Raia were rewarded with another hour of play time with the school kids who are very close to them in age and abilities, but just happen to be in wheelchairs. They played all their games again, braided hair, and discovered that they like the same books.

Recently some Americans who visited wrote to us and thanked us for having our kids involved at the orphanage. They said they didn't really know what to do with themselves at first, until they saw how our kids jump in and get involved. That example was enough to help them know what to do and feel more comfortable. I hadn't really even thought about that before. But it is sweet to watch them interacting every time we have a chance.


Mom said...

Truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Love you all.

Baba Julie said...

It IS wonderful, Phyllis! What a great thing for them, for the orphans and for anyone else who happens to be around! You all are being the "hands and feet of Jesus" in a very special way. We pray for and love each of you!!