Tuesday, August 04, 2015


I still have tons to share about my trip, but here are a few home photos. This is what Will and his helpers did while I was gone:

They got rid of the mud by covering it with gravel, got a new table, added a hanging plant (as advised by neighbor babushka), and made our whole outdoor eating area beautiful! I should have posed the flowers they bought for me out there, too: a huge bouquet of lilies.

Gifts from grandparents
When that special blanket was washed


Anonymous said...

What a difference the gravel makes! Looks great! Love the table, too. Maybe you should leave more often - well, maybe not. Seems they tried to fill the void by staying busy.

Mom said...

The renovated eating area looks great, but it's the blanket photo that steals my heart. Much love to you!

Baba Julie said...

Lovely new outdoor area! So sweet that they wanted to do something special to surprise Mama while she was gone! Love you all!