Wednesday, January 25, 2017

General update + snow pictures

I left you all hanging with Jaan being quite sick. Thank you for praying. He's feeling better now. He did miss that theater performance I mentioned then, but I think he was too sick to really care. He was in two more presentations of the play today, though. (He just got home, after a very full day. He says that it was hard, but great. They went out to a village school, unloaded, set up, practiced, performed the play two times right in a row, took everything down and brought it back to the city, and then came home. By the time Jaan got here, Bogdan was convinced that he had been gone for at least a few days.)

What else has been going on? Asya was in a cute little concert for the church's preschool. She enjoyed that.

Snow... these pictures are old. We had a lovely snowfall for Second Christmas and the days right around it. Since then it's halfway thawed, become very dirty, and then refrozen into thick ice. But the cold is holding, so I'm happy.

And daily life: lots of music school, art school, homeschool, playing outside, office time for Will.


Mom said...

Looks like they have really enjoyed the snow! Love you all.

Baba Julie said...

Wow! An amazing amt of snow!! Sure wish we'd get a big snow like that!! I know the kids had fun. So glad Jaan is feeling better. Very nice that he is able to do the productions for so many. What a great experience! Love y'all!