Thursday, January 12, 2017

I love winter (and prayer request)

Real winter is so short here, we have to enjoy every minute of it. And we are! Bogdan has been telling me that it's still Christmas until the snow melts. That sounds good to me. I do have a bunch of cute photos of children in snow. Maybe I can post those after the weekend.

For now, I just wanted to ask for prayer. We've been sick off and on with minor colds all through the holiday season. I was just starting to think that we were getting better, and then Jaan came down with something worse. Please pray especially for him to get well and for the rest of us to be fully healthy.

I think I already said that Jaan is supposed to be in another performance of the Christmas play on Saturday; at this point we don't know if he'll be able to. I also have banquets to help at tomorrow night and the night after that.


Baba Julie said...

What beautiful pictures, Phyllis! I'm sure it does still seem like Christmas to Bogdan! And, so sorry Jaan is not well. Praying is feels good enough to do the program. We both got something Christmas night and it's still hanging on with me. Please tell everyone that we are praying and send our love!! Love you all!!

Mom said...

We so missed seeing Jaan this morning and are praying for his quick recovery. We love each of you!