Monday, January 09, 2017

Happy New Year

We had a very nice, happy, at-home New Year celebration, and we took a lot more photos on New Year's Eve than on First Christmas. I think it was because we weren't too busy for the camera.

Asya made Olivier salad, the food that makes it a New Year dinner.

How many versions of this photo
do we have from each holiday season?
We enjoyed our holiday dinner, without waiting for midnight, and then we opened presents. This year I enjoyed more than ever before seeing how thoughtful each child was with choosing or making gifts for everyone else. They were so excited to give out what they had prepared. Then there were also presents from us and other relatives. Lots of excitement and thankfulness all around!

Afterwards Will took them outside for a little bit of fireworks.

At that point, Bogdan went to bed. It was pretty late already. When midnight came and the whole city exploded with fireworks, Jaan and Raia actually climbed our cherry tree to watch. I was almost afraid that they would be shot out of it! Shokoladka the Duck had been quite excited about our small, early fireworks display, so I was worried that she would fly with all the noise. (She hadn't seemed scared; it was more like she wanted to join her family making noise out in the street!) I asked Asya to check on her, and Asya couldn't even stick her head out the door because the explosions felt so close. Everything settled down pretty fast, though, so we still got most of a night of sleep and went to church in the morning.

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Mom said...

With its fullness of love and of life, your celebration warms my heart. Happy new year, indeed! We send our love to each precious one.