Thursday, April 30, 2020

There and back again

The trip to Kyiv was really beautiful. Just before the sun came up we saw a big, beautiful fox. The countryside we went through, especially up closer to Kyiv, was some of the most beautiful I've ever seen: hilly, green village areas in full spring green and flowers.

But then the idyllic part ended. Everything in the clinic is weird and tightly controlled by quarentine measures. I passed out with blood draws and felt icky after that. Because my blood sugar was low, I started throwing up during the scans. If you have any idea of what PET CT scans are like, you can imagine. If not, I'll just say that immobilized, fully restrained, flat on your back in a tight space is not where you want to be while vomiting up many liters of water. The one bright spot was that everyone was wonderfully kind. I'm already sold on private clinics, but Lisod is better than any of them. 

I got out later than we had planned, the anti nausea shot apparently wasn't enough, and the way back was long and nightmarish. It was physically and mentally the hardest almost 24 hours I've been through. But I'm home. It's over. Now I've slept and eaten and am already enjoying school with the kids. Thank you for all your prayers. It will still be several days before we get results and hear what they mean.


Mom said...

Phyllis...I'm so sorry if was this hard, but thankful you are back home. We love you dearly.

Baba Julie said...

I'm so sorry the experience was so terrible. I have had that kind of scan a couple of times and it is no picnic WITHOUT being sick to one's stomach. I'm just so sorry. And, the trip home sounds just as hard. We are glad you got to see the beauty on the way there. I hope THAT will be in your mind and help w/ the thoughts of this trip. We are glad you are safely home and pray you are getting rested up. Praying for you, as always! Love, Julie and Bernie

Lindy Johnson said...

I’m so sorry for the discomfort but glad you are getting back to yourself. So glad the clinic is nice and takes care of you while you are there. Hopefully spring continues to shower you with flowers and beauty.

daisy said...

I am so very sorry. Not the report we were hoping for. Glad you are home with your family again. May God encourage you, strengthen you and sustain you as you wait for the results. May He be very near to all of you.

Unknown said...

Praising God with you that this ordeal is over and praying for His power to be revealed in the results!
Love and prayers friend,