Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hello from Riga!

We're having a wonderful time here! The hostel that we're staying at has free internet, so I thought I'd give you a quick update.

Raia is napping; Will and Jaan are out picking up Raia's visa. That's an answer to prayer: her visa is ready! Soon we'll check out from the hostel and go do some more sightseeing. Then, tonight we'll board the train back to Moscow.

So far, I think Jaan's favorite parts of Riga have been the ducks that roost in the snow at the park around the Freedom Monument and going up to the top of the steeple on St. Peter's Church. He didn't care about looking down on the beautiful old city, but he was very excited to watch all the cranes working in the various construction sites from above.

Raia's favorite new experience is FOOD! Last night we went out to an Italian restaurant. She's been begging to eat, so I started her off with a piece of traditional Latvian bread. She devoured that and moved on to Italian flat bread. She was so excited that she was jumping up and down in the high chair. I think more of the bread ended up on the floor than in her tummy, but she was happy.

Will and I are just thoroughly enjoying experiencing another city. I'm sure I'll write with much more detail once we get home.


Anonymous said...


Because I know you are traveling, I almost didn't even check your blog. I am so glad I "stopped by" and am very pleased to hear that you are enjoying your time in Riga. From your description I can just see Raia bouncing, and I picture Jaan's pleasure with the cranes. I do hope you have been able to take many photographs; Riga sounds like a picturesque city, and your children are (of course) beautiful. PTL that Raia's visa is ready!

Much love to each of you....

A day in the life... said...

phyllis.. so so glad R. visa was ready!! just wanted to remind you of the big 'defenders of the fatherland' holiday tomorrow - saturday.. nothing will be open :( i didn't know if that would affect your plans?? anyway, just wanted to write you & didn't know if you could access your e-mail account. hoping you can still come!! can't wait to see pics of Riga!!

Anonymous said...

YAY!! So good to hear that your trip is going well. Still praying for things to go smoothly and for a safe return. :-)

BabaJulie said...

Hi! We've been praying for you and are glad to hear the good report! We will continue to pray for smooth travels and a wonderful end of the trip. Love to All!