Thursday, February 09, 2006


We're without Will for a few days. He left early, early this morning to meet with some of the Gospelink men in Moscow. Then he'll spend the night with Nathan, and head out tomorrow morning to a conference for youth leaders outside Moscow. He should be home late Sunday or early Monday.

Yesterday was really crazy with trying to get everything together for Will's trip. I'll spare you the details, but it seemed like everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. In the end, God fixed all the problems, though. Please pray that Will's trip and our time alone at home go better than the preparations did!

So far, we are doing well. All is quiet here. The children are asleep. It's pretty cold out, but the weather is just beautiful. After nap time, we'll go outside for just a little while to get fresh air, but not long enough to freeze.


BabaJulie said...

Good to hear from you! We'll be praying for you all!! It's to be 25 here tonight and we think THAT'S cold!(: Much Love

Anonymous said...

Knowing how long those days without Papa can seem, we will certainly be praying for you all.

Much love to each one....

Alissa Maxwell said...

Hi Phyllis,
Sounds like you guys are trooping through winter. I hope Will's trip goes smoothly and you get some fun and laughter with the kids. They seem to be growing so fast!

We thought of you guys last night. We pulled out our Atlas to try and brainstorm places for a vacation. Scott said, "let's just point" and stuck his finger in the middle of the book. When we turned to the page, it was of Scandinavia and northwest Russia. His finger was way off in the middle of nowhere, but toward the bottom of the page, we found your City! It's not quite the vacation we're thinking of (can't quite drive there for a 5 day weekend), but still fun to realize we know people living in the middle of that Atlas!

=) Alissa

Hannah Im said...

I'm happy to find your blog! I have one friend who was a missionary living in Russia until a couple months ago, so I've heard a little about the cold winters. Hope you can warm yourself up with some hot tea! We don't have a car here in Incheon (by our own choice) and it's been so cold walking in the early morning.