Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Joyful news!

Yesterday the Korneichuks emailed us their quarterly Gospelink letter. I thought it was kind of unusual that the subject line was "Joyful news!" but I don't usually even read the letters until I get around to translating them, so I just checked it off of my list and went on about my business. I just figured that they were rejoicing because they had actually gotten their letter in on time for once.

In the evening, Tanya called and asked to talk to me. Will said that I was busy, so Tanya just said, "Hasn't she read the letter yet? Doesn't she have any questions for me?" Somehow, as Will was relaying that to me, I just knew. . . . He ran to read the letter, and found, buried down in the middle of it, that they're expecting their third baby at the end of July! Of course I called Tanya right back, and we laughed and cried and chattered for a while.

You may not know, but this baby is as much of an answer to pray as Samuel was for Hannah. Tanya has been praying for several years, and I've been praying right along with her. I can't stop smiling, and I even catch myself dancing around every so often from pure joy. Happy day! (As a certain little friend of mine would have said.) So, praise the Lord with us, and pray for Tanya and Baby Korneichuk.

(By the way, no one in the church here knows yet, so if you have any contact with anyone out here, please don't mention this. I do have permission to tell "everyone in America," though. )

We needed good news like that, because our visas are kind of overwhelming us now. Will bought us train tickets to Riga, and we'll be there February 19-23. However, we realized that we completely forget about the fact that Raia doesn't have a visa at all! Will's back in Moscow working on that now. There's not time to get one done before we leave, but we should be able to have it sent to us in Riga. That's just another detail to cover in prayer, though.

I may not be writing much as we work on our visas and Gospelink over the next few days.

But before I run off, here are a few cute photos taken recently:

Originally uploaded by fylliska.

Raia sits under Jaan's chair and begs when he eats, so I let him give her this piece of apple yesterday. She didn't really eat any of it, but she sure was excited to taste it!

Originally uploaded by fylliska.

Will says that this looks like a picture of a dangerous, man-eating baby.


Anonymous said...

That is so cute. Boxes are so much fun when they are that size and they can be so creative with them! They really are the best "toys."

BabaJulie said...

I am sitting here in tears of joy for Tanya, Pavel and the girls! How wonderful! Those girls will be thrilled to have a baby sister or brother! Please give them our congratulations! And, tell them I promise not to tell anyone in Russia!!!(:

We will also be praying about your visas and Raia's and for your safe trip. I thought London was a possibility? Hugs and Kisses!

Anonymous said...

Honey--In the face of all the busyness of caring for babies and the added stress of the visa situation, you continue to be so faithful with keeping up your blog. Thank you.

My eyes believe it could have been Leetra in that box! I cannot wait to show her the photo.

We also rejoice to hear Pavel and Tanya's news--what joy!!

Love to each one....

Anonymous said...

Oh "happy day" is right! I'm rejoicing with Tanya! My roommate from college has also been trying for a long time now and recently found out that she, too, has received the answer to her prayer. Slava Bogu!

In the first pic, Raia looks more like Jaan than I've seen so far- how much they change!

Thanks for your prayers! I'm sending them right back at ya! Keep us updated on Raia's visa situation!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for such a wonderful testimony!!!!

Raia and Jaan look so adorable. My kids love to ride in or push their siblings around my laundry basket. :O)