Saturday, February 03, 2007

A birthday in Viazniki

Yesterday we went to Viazniki to celebrate Ivan's birthday. We had such a wonderful time! In the morning we took a train to Viazniki, then spent the day with the Petrashes and Regina, sledding, eating and talking. Later we went to a big birthday dinner at the church. Afterwards Ivan drove us all the way home.

Julie's Mom wanted a good picture of her daughter in Russia. What do you think?

For Julie's Mom
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At the Viazniki overlook. Yes, she was cold. It was about -20 C.

With the birthday boy
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. . . also at the Viazniki overlook.

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That's Raia in the front, then me, then Julie.

Will and Raia
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Julie hitting the bump
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When she gets home she'll post the videos, too. There's one of her screaming down a huge hill with Ivan and some other cute ones of the children.

Jaan the Truck Driver
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He liked the old truck by the hill more than the sledding

(Look at the Cubbies post from a few days ago. I added a photo from Julie's camera.)


BabaJulie said...

What great pictures! They really show the fun to be had in the winter in Russia!! (Not that I can stand the cold long enough to enjoy it myself (: !! ) Is the picture of Julie at the overlook a little bigger in "real life"? I don't think you can truly get the perspective in that picture, although it certainly is a beautiful picture of Julie and Russia! And, were you able to give Ivan Abby's Christmas gift when you went? I know she would love to know! And, our snow is gone!! It only stayed until the afternoon! Sad! Much Love to you all!!

Anonymous said...

The photos deliver the joy of the day--thank you!
Much love to each one....