Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Moscow picture

Taken January 25
Originally uploaded by fylliska.

Raia was in the stroller in front of us. We didn't specifically ask the girl who took the picture to cut her off, but it's probably a good thing that she did, because Raia was having a temper tantrum at the moment. She was TIRED of sightseeing!


Mrs said...

Wow, a storybook photo to be sure. How wonderful for you all to go to Moscow for Julie! I know it's usually quite an adventure for you to get there, isn't it?

Phyllis said...

Oh, yes! It was quite an adventure. Just Raia and I went. Will and Jaan stayed home. We had a wonderful time, but TIRED TODDLER was a running theme of our days there

BabaJulie said...

That is the PERFECT Russian picture for Julie's parents! They will love it! (Of course, I know she'll have lots!) We know you all are having a wonderful time together!! Enjoy!! Love y'all!

Anonymous said...

*lol* Your first pic reminded me of an experience I had in Ukraine. I wanted a family picture at independant square in Kyiv so handed my camera to a national and to my surprise all my kids were cut out of it! I couldn't figure out why the person would have done that since it was quite obvious we were all huddled together as a family for the pic. :O)

The sledding looked like a blast. I love how much you all enjoy Russia's lovely weather no matter how cold. =)