Monday, February 19, 2007

How we're doing

Resting and reading
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Raia and I are still just starting to feel better. And now Will's down.

Jaan thinks he's going to die of cabin fever. He hadn't been outside for a while, because I haven't felt well enough to go out, so this morning I sent him out on his own. Our nearest neighbor's little dog was outside our door, so I got him past that obstacle, and went to watch from the window. There was another little dog waiting outside. I couldn't see Jaan, but I could hear him open the door and see the little dog jump forward (he wanted to come in), and then hear Jaan slam the door, making the dog retreat. Back and forth. On and on. Finally Jaan came up and yelled for me from the fourth floor. He wouldn't come all the way home, because of the other dog by our door. I went out, gave him a pep talk, and sent him down again. This continued for 45 minutes! I kept hoping some kind neighbor would help him. Finally, I decided to leave Raia, and get Jaan past the dog. That worked! Of course, I came back to find Raia working at fulfilling the Toddler Commission: to make messes and disasters whenever possible. But Jaan was outside. He had a great time shoveling snow. We had fun watching from the window and noting how every familiar person who passed by readjusted his hat and gave him a treat. One babushka didn't have any candy, but she was on her way back from her garden storage, so she stuck a carrot in his pocket.


Anonymous said...

Because of your carefully narrated story, in my mind's eye I can just see the whole scenario, especially that industrious little boy shoveling snow...with a carrot in his pocket.

I am so sorry to know that Will is now sick.

Much love to each one....

BabaJulie said...

Oh, how cute!! And, what a blessing that you feel your neighborhood is safe enough to do that! I could never have done that here! (In the backyard with the fence, yes, but not just out the front door!) Isn't that something? What a wonderful thing that each neighbor or Babushka would encourage him in one way or another! It is just SUCH a blessing!! Love to all and a special hug to the sick Papa!

Martha Ludser said...

I hope you are all doing much better now. I have a big sympathy for Jaan. Missing him so much. It was good to see Will a couple days ago. Take care