Saturday, March 03, 2007

Big girl?

We took down Raia's crib. Now she's learning to stay on her mattress and go to her potty by herself in the night. The first night was pretty bad. It took more than an hour of reminding her to stay put before she fell asleep. The only time she went potty, she dumped it on her bed afterwards. And then she wet her bed twice more before morning. Yes, three sets of sheets in one night.

Last night was much better. Raia was asleep about five minutes after I put her down. She didn't try to get back up. And her bed was dry this morning! However, she still didn't quite make it to her potty. When I checked on her at some hour this morning, I almost took a picture. I would have, if it hadn't been whatever time it was. She was off her bed, bowing down to her potty, or so it seemed. Sound asleep. And lying in a puddle. I think she stood up, tripped on her blanket, and just stayed there: hands stretched out to the potty, bottom up in the air, flat on her face.

Raia's also talking more and more. Every day I hear a new word or two. Her current favorite means "by myself," but she says it in the masculine form, since she's learned it from Jaan.

(Jaan is walking around clanging on everything with a toy cymbal and telling us what each sounds like it was made from. As he went by us, he tried Raia's head. His conclusion? "Yes, she's made of glass. She could break.")


Anonymous said...

Those are sweet and funny stories!! They grow up too fast.

Laura T. :)

BabaJulie said...

Hi! I love the stories! Makes me feel like I'm there! What a big girl she is to be able to sleep in a "big girl" bed and even to TRY to get up and use the potty!! Big girl!!!

Update - Pop is back in the hospital with another UTI. He's had "symptoms" off and on all week but refused to go to the doctor. We had to call 911 this morning because he was stuck like a turtle on its back again. keep us all in your prayers!! I think we will probably be looking at 24/7 in-home care when he gets out, if we can manage him enough to take him home. (He's big!!) Love to all!

Anonymous said...

Today we're "practicing" leaving Caiden with Grandma (I will be here, but trying to be invisable). I am currently trying to distract myself, and Raia's story made me laugh out loud. Thank you!! Your sweet children are getting so big! Even though we're so far away I stil enjoy them so much. =)