Tuesday, July 08, 2008

At the beach

We've had so much fun at "the beach" already this summer. I've been taking the children swimming every week. At first, the water was beautifully clear, but there were hundreds of schoolchildren there. Now it's nice and peaceful, but the water is green.

By the way, that was with as much zoom as our camera can give.

Asya is officially climbing. Does that mean she's a toddler before she can even walk? She was fascinated with this piece of concrete and spent most of her time climbing on and off of it.

Look at the green on her!

Still climbing. I missed getting a photo of the beached whale pose. She would get onto her stomach up there, arms and legs outspread, and then grin at me.


Mrs said...

Is that some sort of anchor she's sitting on?

We purposely wait for school to resume before we hit areas as well. :-)

Anonymous said...

Precious, as usual! Is this the place with the millions of tiny shrimp??? What are they really? And, why are there so many of them? Love you all! Baba Julie PS You KNOW I'm an ice cream lover! I have rediscovered Dairy Queen and can hardly keep myself from going EVERYDAY!!

A day in the life... said...

LOOK AT THOSE HAMBONES!!! I can not get over what a beautiful precious CHUNK Asya is :) love it! wonderful pictures.. loved all 3 in the doorway. blessings to you!
susan for all

Anonymous said...

Great pics--thanks so much for providing them! What makes the water green?

much love


Lindy Johnson said...

Baba Julie is making my mouth water. I love Buster Bars from Dairy Queen but we don't have those here. In Vermont soft serve is referred to as "Creemies" and some are flavored with REAL maple syrup, that's a treat. Water, sand, and sunshine how wonderful. Love, Aunt Lindy

Anonymous said...

Dairy Queen now has "Blizzards". These are a thick milkshake and my favorite flavor is Extreme Chocolate!! It is chocolate with pieces of cookie and big pieces of dark choc. all mixed in throughout!! Yummy!! I like the sound of the Creemies, though!! I like ice cream in any form, I think!! Baba Julie

Alissa Maxwell said...

You all seem to be in your dream-land with all the nature nearby to discover and enjoy. After your last summer at the datcha, I didn't think you would ever find a place so satisfying for you and your kiddos. I'm so glad to see that God has blessed your move with the nature you so crave. It's a joy to read the joy in your "voice."