Tuesday, July 01, 2008

New category

Anyone who knows me, knows that I enjoy nature almost as much as I enjoy my children. So, I'm starting a Nature Notes category to record some of our finds and observations, and to ask about some of our mysteries.

Here's one solved mystery (or almost solved): I had asked about this tree. Baba Julie suggested that it might be a locust tree. I found a picture that looks almost exactly like mine. Once I get my books, I'll see what kinds of locust trees are here, and then we should know exactly what our "soapy smelling trees" are.

Here's the next mystery tree:

They're blooming everywhere now, actually just reached the peak of their season, I think. Jaan and Raia love the long pods hanging on these trees, and we're all enjoying their beauty and fragrance.


Anonymous said...

Phyllis - This one reminds me of the Mountain or Bay Laurel. See what you think! I didn't see a picture of the pods, though. I like this "mystery plant" identification! Love, Baba Julie

Debbie said...

It seems Baba Julie is good at solving your mysteries.

Anonymous said...

I think we have this same thing down the road! I have pictures of it that look just like it! I'll go home and see if I can identify it. Love, Hannah Falk.

Anonymous said...

Why, it's an orchid tree, of course. =-) Anna

JennyBeth said...

It's a Catalpa tree. I do so enjoy reading your blog. Thank you.