Friday, July 04, 2008

Big yellow bird

When I told Will what we saw this morning, he asked if I meant Sesame Street. No, not quite that big of a bird, but the same color: we saw golden orioles! Click on the picture for one link and here to listen to their song. They were beautiful, and the recording is definitely what we heard. Although, they screech like jays, too, as we heard and the article says. Jaan was busy in the mulberry tree, but Raia and Asya and I followed our orioles around the park for a while. There were at least two of them--a pair--but I think there were more, too. They stayed up in the tops of the trees, so even with their bright coloring, we only got glimpses.

If you go back to my mystery tree, you'll see that the mystery is solved. It's a Catalpa. Thank you so much, JennyBeth, whoever you are.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where to find the beads but our local agent helped with the clinic so on Monday I will call and ask. Yes the red of a sunburn can appear later - at least on my kids. At the Drs office I read an article that said sunscreen needs to be applied so that the white is still visible when finished and fade/melt on its own. If you use look for one with high zinc oxide as it works well and is cheaper.

When Zach was a baby there was a brand that was very good. We went to Florida in June when he was about 3 months. We noticed a foot turning pink and re-applied. It stopped the burn and the pink disappeared. He did not burn the entire trip though the adults did. His sunscreen handprint was the only spot on daddy's chest that did not burn while at the beach. Cute but painful.

If the children are sweating perhaps the moister is magnifying the sun? Hopefully the little ones will tan soon. The lake walks look so much fun. I had not thought about letting Danielle eat berries though she tries everything else in reach.