Monday, July 27, 2009

An alphabet of thanks

holy experience

Sometimes I like to have themes for my thanksgiving lists. This time I thought it would be fun to go through the alphabet and think of one thing that I'm thankful for on each letter. Other than that to tie these together, it's a pretty random list.

576. Asya!
577. Babies in general, and Baby Yasha in particular
578. Church camp
579. Dacha days (If we were playing Scattergories, I'd get two points for those. )
580. Egg sandwiches, made by Will
581. Family!
582. God's grace!
583. Hoopoe birds, so funny!
584. Ice cream
585. Jaan
586. Kisses from Asya; she still doesn't quite know how to give them, but she tries.
587. Lena, leading camp this year: such a sweet friend!
588. Mulberries
589. Nighttime, when all is quiet after a long day
590. Oksana: "Raia's Oksana" came from Kiev to help with camp.
591. Printer: I've been keeping it busy with camp stuff.
592. Questions from my little ones (Sometimes the sheer volume of questions drives me crazy, but I am thankful for them. Those questions show how their minds are working!)
593. Raia
594. Squirrel family right near us now
595. True Spirituality and a friend to read it with
596. Underwear: I'm thankful that Asya can finally get hers off and on by herself!
597. Very fun 1st day of camp!
598. Will
599. eXtreme change in the temperature (The unbearable heat dropped 20 degrees, just like that, just in time for camp. Is that not a miraculous love gift?)
600. Yana, the other camp leader
601. Zzzzzzzzzz. . . . what I wish I had more of right now.  I sure do enjoy sleep these days! 


Maria said...

I love this idea of themes... Keeps the heart looking for more blessings ~ someone I visited today (online) used the word 'together' as her theme.
All the best in all you do ~Maria

Unknown said...

I often chose themes, this was good
thanks for sharing

Catherine said...

Wonderful many ways to count our blessings!
Catherine :)

Linda said...

I am here from Ann's and have thoroughly enjoyed your sweet list. It is so encouraging to see the Father's blessings through the eyes of others.

Baba Julie said...

I'm so glad to hear that the temp. dropped for you all!! You are right! That IS miraculous and a real blessing!! Love y'all and we continue to pray!!

Lindy said...

Thanks for this list and helping me focus on all the wonderful people, events, things in my life. I wish I could share some of our chicken's eggs for your egg sandwiches -- one of my great pleasures too! This was our first year in a long time to miss the annual Alabama get-together and I really missed it. Your list is great. Love, Aunt Lindy

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Your joy in Jesus makes me smile, smile, smile... SING in PRAISE!

How I send love...
All's grace,

Anonymous said...

I looked up #583 - Hoopoe Birds - Wow! I would love to see a photo of that. We had a great reunion but missed Lindy and the boys so much. We only had 9 children under 8 years old. It would have been that much better with Jaan, Raia and Asya there. Maybe next year...
Love you all,
Aunt Mary Dru