Saturday, July 25, 2009

New quotes

As I start into Francis Schaeffer's True Spirituality and find much to quote, I'm moving these older quotes over here and replacing them in the sidebar.

"There is a joy. . . granted. . . only to those who worship Thee thankfully--and this joy Thou Thyself art. The happy life is this--to rejoice to Thee, in Thee, and for Thee."
--Confessions of St. Augustine

"'I am not primarily a worker for God; I am first and foremost a lover of God. This is who I am.' All of us need to be lovers who work rather than workers who love.'"

"Worship is not just a specific act. It is also a lifestyle.
Worship is a specific act of bowing my knees and declaring, 'Holy, holy, holy.'
Worship is also a lifestyle of bowing my life and living, 'holy, holy, holy.'"

"Worship is the lifestyle of a grateful heart."
--Quotes from the first chapter of Linda Dillow's Satisfy my Thirsty Soul

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I love those. Love you! Julie