Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This week

. . . is mostly camp prep. Will has been going to meetings every day and running errands; I've been doing computer work, making invitations and posters. The children and I have also been getting reacquainted with our beloved park. Yesterday we spent the morning picking mulberries and watching a squirrel family there. Today we're headed out to our dacha, just for one overnight. (Will can still go to meetings and work on his music plans from there.)

I thought I'd just give you one Asya quote, before we run out the door, though. I teach our children to happily say "Da, Mama" and obey. It seems to help them when they're toddlers, if they know what specific response to give. Asya has recently really picked up on this. At first she would say, "AH, Mama!" Now that's changed to an emphatic "MA, Mama!" It's incredibly cute. And the funny thing is that when Will tells her to do something, she responds in exactly the same way: "MA, Mama!"

Oh, and the way she says "fish" sounds like "heepy."


Baba Julie said...

That's great! Ma Mama sounds like a nice reply to me - to you AND Will!! Love y'all! Praying for camp!

Laura :) said...

That's cute the way she says that!

Laura T :)