Monday, July 20, 2009

Gifts of summer

holy experience

(Don't you like Ann's new banner?)

602. Swimming!
603. Helpers to make swimming trips easier on me (I've written about them before: two sweet girls who go swimming with us.)
604. Tomato salad and Asya asking for more and more of it
605. Finally finding a cool place to sit in church
606. Mulberries
607. Tomatoes from our own garden!

608. Cool showers
609. Ice cream
610. Smoothies
611. The day that I went out and picked apricots with Lena: that was such a love-gift from the Lord!
612. Thunder (I hear it now.)
613. Camps!
614. Живчик
615. When the heat lets up at night
616. My plump toddler, running around in nothing but her underwear
617. Don't have to bother with layers of clothing!
618. Migratory birds, only here for the summer
619. My morning glories (Have I mentioned them before?  I love them!)

620. Hours and hours on end outdoors
621. A different rhythm to our days (Isn't that the beauty of changing seasons?)
622. The smell of rain, coming through the windows right now
623. Butterflies
624. Gardening!