Saturday, July 18, 2009

Will's 2nd day of birthday

On Will's actual birthday we invited the youth out to our dacha for hamburgers. That's why I wanted to make Will's special dinner the night before. He's the hamburger cook, and it doesn't seem quite fair to make him do all the work on his birthday. We had a small group, but a really good time together.

(Note to Sullivans: I made the chocolate mint treat again. )

Taras, Yana, Sasha, Asya. . . and "Kvas Taras"

Oksana and Raia

After dinner, the water came on, and "the boys" went wild with the hoses! Taras was even hiding down in the fish pond, spraying out of there with his hose. I missed that photo opportunity, though.

Sasha and Raia on the sidelines of the water fight

The birthday boy

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Alissa Maxwell said...

This looks like a very fun birthday celebration, but really I stopped by to comment on the great family pic on the previous post - LOVE IT!

Also, I'm laughing at myself because I read the title of your gifts post as "The GRITS of Summer" and was wondering if you were starting a food blog or showing lots of pics of wonderfully dirt covered kids. Ha! The list is beautiful and brings a bit of peace to my heart this morning.