Friday, October 13, 2006


Last night we had chicken for supper. Jaan ate his drumstick and then asked for more. I just gave him a few pieces, already cut up. He said, "Нет, не так! Я хотел курицу на палке." ("No, not like that! I wanted chicken on a stick.")

Other news: the weather forecast says snow tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

That is sooo cute! My boys both always want the chicken on the stick too. :O)

Loving Life said...

That is way cute!
I don't think I've ever given my kids drumstick chicken...what kind of a mother am I?
Snow sounds so fun!

BabaJulie said...

Hi! Is this Southern Fried chicken "on the stick"? Baba Julie will have to come over and make that for Jaan!! I'll bet he'd really like that! (Every once in awhile!!)

Well, we are not supposed to have snow, but it is supposed to get down to 36 degrees tonight! That's cold for us!!

Erin Rebecca said...

Wow, he does great with his russian! Better than me!!! It's too bad chickens only have two legs cause all of our three kids always want a leg. So they take turns missing out. How sad. Pretty soon we will have to buy 2 chickens to feed us all anyway though:)
I think we were scheduled for snow, but I think the forcast has changed now. It won't be long though i think.

Michelle said...

Hi Phyllis! Did you get snow? I got your email, but hadn't checked your blog yet! It is so fun to read about a family in russia and what life is like there. You are living my dream working in the orphanages there!

Have a great day!

DH Jeff
DS Kolya 17, russia 3/01
DD Miranda 5
Waiting for daughter #2 in China

Phyllis said...

Only little bits of now, so far. It's snowing right now, though. :-)