Friday, October 13, 2006

Recent days

Raia "helping" her friends
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Both Monday and Tuesday we went to the orphanage. In some ways it's easier than last year with two lessons per night twice a week, but now the evenings go too late for Raia. It was sweet to see her interacting with the children when I had to take her out of the Bible lessons, though. One boy was upset and hiding under his bed, so the caretaker asked me to watch him while she took the other children somewhere else. Raia was so worried about him! She kept getting down on her hands and knees and trying to feed her half-eaten apple to Sasha. And Jaan just loves being there in general.

It's starting to get cooler here, but we're finally having some clear days once again. I think the fall colors are just past their peak, but we're still enjoying them and lots of outside time. Yesterday we went to the woods and got to look at a woodpecker through our binoculars. Now that was exciting!

The latest excitement indoors has been a huge cardboard box. It makes a great tunnel, house, and whatever else Jaan and Raia want it to be. I can even play in it with them. It folds up and hides away under the couch when we're done.

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