Monday, October 09, 2006

Part 2

This is the second part of what I was going to post on Friday. I got that first photo up, and then our internet card ran out.

Here are two recent fall photos. I wish I could post the apple butter smell from our kitchen, too!

Raia and her leaves
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Nathan and Masha should arrive soon; they're spending the weekend with us. Fun!

By now, of course, Nathan and Masha are gone. It was great to see them! We've had such fun with guests lately. Who wants to come visit us next?

Today was a crazy day. Several weeks ago we had an electrical problem: some wires burned up somewhere in the kitchen. That morning the official building electrician was at work, and when he's not at work, he's drunk. So, Will found someone else through a newspaper ad. That electrician got us to where our refrigerator worked, and promised to come back to finish. . . then disappeared. Everything just sat like he had rigged it.

This morning, before Will was even up, the building electrician stumbled up here, and started telling me that he had a revelation last night while he was drunk. Now he knew exactly what was wrong, and how to fix it. Will got up, and he and Kolya set to work. They worked all day, until it was time for us to leave for the orphanage this evening, and they made tons of progress. Now everything is pretty much fixed. They just need some supplies and time to hide the wires away, and they'll be completely done.

I was really glad they could fix the problem, and that we could have Kolya here all day. Sadly, he's drunk now, because we paid him. At least he's not offended anymore. He was very unhappy that we had called in an outside electrician. Oh, would you believe that he's constantly drunk on doctor's orders? A while ago he was in the hospital, and they were worried about his blood pressure. He came back later to have it checked after he'd been drinking. Everything was fine, so the doctor just told him to stay drunk. True story!

(By the way, Jaan's pumpkins are a green variety. I find that the green ones taste better.)


BabaJulie said...

Man! Doctor's orders to stay drunk!! No wonder there is such a drinking problem in Russia!! If folks don't do it on their own, the doctor orders it!! We're glad to hear you got your electricity up and running again! That must've been very hard!! Did you lose food?

How nice to have Nathan and Masha visit! How are they doing? Are they both working and where? Where do they go to church?

It's a beautiful Fall day here! I think it's in the high 60s and sunny! I've been watching the Monarchs stoking up on our butterfly bush for their long migration!! They have been feasting at least 4 at a time!! Love you all!!

Phyllis said...

I wasn't very clear. We've had the refrigerator running off an extension cord from the hall, so no, we did not lose anything. Now it's just plugged into the outlet in the kitchen, like it should be. :-)

Nathan's still working at the real estate agency (for now). Masha works at Campus Crusade's Bible school. They go to IBF, the international English language church.