Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Agape school and Advent

You might have seen the Agape Facebook post that Will put up about the school where I was all of last week. Here are a few more photos that I took from various friends' pages on VK and Facebook. Most are from when we were out in the city, but there is one from lesson time:

(Highest point in Lvov. Dark photo, but fun memory.)

The teaching was good and deep, and I actually also had fun, too. Last time I was sick and too homesick to enjoy myself. We studied child psychology, grace based parenting, leadership, autism and ADHD, and more with some wonderful teachers from Holland. And we had some time to explore Lvov.

Also, one night a local music group invited the Belorussian student, one of the Dutch teachers, and the American student (yours truly) to accompany them to a Christian orphanage. I always love visiting orphanages, but this one was just amazing. I had never been to a Christian orphanage before, and the atmosphere was so different and sweet. Of course, the kids are still from hard backgrounds and still show some of the typical behaviour, but overall, it was much more like a big family than an institution. I hope to get some photos of that evening soon.

Oh, one part was funny there; since we were obviously in Western Ukraine, the kids speak Ukrainian. My friend speaks Belorussian and Russian, I speak Russian and English, and the Dutch teacher speaks English and Dutch. Um, where's our Ukrainian? While the musicians were getting ready, we led the kids in games. One of our games was about household items. We thought we would use an example that everyone knows: a bed. And the kids just stared at us blankly. Then one little girl raised her hand and asked, "What's a bed?" Hah! Fortunately, I at least know household items in Ukrainian, so the game could go on. We laughed a lot, though.

And then, Advent:
While I was gone Raia and Asya decorated beautifully. It's all very simple this year. Will started reading aloud from the Jesse Tree book I had bought before I left. (Boo. The Kindle version doesn't have all the pretty pictures, but we are enjoying the words.) Also, I ordered some modelling clay that hardens in the oven to make the symbols from. Since I've been home, we've started working on that, just a bit at a time. Our younger three love "lepka" at art school, so this is a real treat for them, and I think we'll be able to pull Jaan into it, too.


Baba Julie said...

Thank you for your great overview of your week in Lvov! It looks like you had a good time and we're so glad that you were feeling well enough to really be able to take it all in! And, the advent picture is beautiful, too! We are beginning to enjoy the Christmas season here, as well. We have already had our fun and meaningful Deacons/Elders dinner, the PRC hosted a lovely dinner, time for fun and caroling and update on how the ministry has gone this year and our tree is finally up and decorated! The beauty of what Christ did for us by coming to earth as a babe and growing up to die for our sins to give us eternal life is so before us at this time of year. Let us have eyes to see, yes? Love to each of you!!

Mom said...

Having enjoyed the glimpses of your time in Lvov that were presented on FB, I am very pleased to see them gathered here and more added. We also are thankful it was a good week. Thank you for taking time to post. We love each of you.