Sunday, December 27, 2015


In America people are probably already taking their Christmas trees down. (Mom, did you leave yours up for us again this year?) We've had ours for over a week now, but it's not done yet. Here they're for New Year, not Christmas, and in our family it's for all the holidays!

We haven't had a big tree before, mainly because we've never had room for one. This year I noticed how our little yard is almost like an extra room on our house. Will's grass is still bright green there, so it's really pretty. I thought of having a tree out there, where we could enjoy it through the window.

While most of our family was busy, Will and Bogdan went and got the tree. Or, from the way the story is going now, Bogdan bought us a tree. It started with him helping Papa, but now he's forgetting that Papa even went with him.

They set it up and put the lights on it.

The ducks are intrigued.
It has blown over--or been knocked over by a hug from Bogdan--a few times, but it's well anchored now. Decorating is an ongoing process....

We have also made some pretty Christmas tree cookies to give out to teachers, friends, and neighbors.

He was explaining something.


Anonymous said...

I take down decorations around 29th or 30th. I don't like them up before Thanksgiving so it is usually the first week (or sometimes 2nd) week of Dec before they are up. Way too much trouble to only leave up 2 or three weeks so I stretch it out a little but definitely HAS to be down before the New Year. I was told a long time ago it was "bad luck" to be up after the new year. Habits are hard to break. Also, don't wash clothes on New Years Day! And especially don't hang clothes outside to dry on that day! I do have a friend who puts her tree up on Christmas Eve and leaves it up through the month of January.
Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year! Bogdon did a fantastic job!

Ребекка Сташко said...

For us, Christmas starts the 7th of January and lasts 12 days, so I try to have ours down by the end of January! Lol

Mom said...

IF our tree had been put up at all, we would have left it until 7 January in remembrance of Ukrainian Christmas. However, we never did get that far. So...the Christmas candle and greenery surrounding it will be left out until you celebrate on the seventh in honor of your calendar. BTW we sang Christmas carols in church this morning, with the caveat that the celebration is never really over when the true reason for it is considered. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! We love you.

Baba Julie said...

Our tree and decorations are still up! I usually leave them up at least until Jan 1st. Don't know how I will be moved this year! (: Love all your pics of the decorations and cookie making! And, we, too, sang Christmas carols this morning at church! Bernie carries it out as long as possible!! (: Love y'all!!