Thursday, December 24, 2015

Jaan's concert

It's definitely the season for concerts! Jaan's was on Monday. This year he opened the concert with a poem, said another poem, sang a few songs with the other kids, played a piece by himself, one with his teacher, and one with Raia. We thoroughly enjoyed all of it.

Jaan's teacher, fellow students... and Raia
Saying his poem
With Svetlana Mikhailovna
When he played the duet with his teacher, he was obviously nervous and making mistakes. She gently took his hands off the keys and said, "Please excuse us. We're starting over." Then she told him not to worry. They started over again and played without any more problems.

Dobriy Ded Moroz!
So excited about Ded Moroz!
"He even had something for me!"
We had a special guest.
(Raia had already left for art school.)
Special treats afterwards
The next concert will be Raia's tomorrow. Right now Jaan, Raia, and I are headed out to Tsyurupinsk for a Christmas program with Agape at the orphanage. We hope to make it back in time for a Christmas play at church, too.


Anonymous said...

And I thought Christmas here in USA was packed with activities! Y'all seem to be meeting yourself coming and going! I loved the duet! Thanks for recording. Merry Christmas!

Mom said...

Beautiful and busy days...thank you for sharing with us.

Love you!

Baba Julie said...

I LOVE all the pictures! It almost gives me the feeling of being there! Our congratulations to Jaan and Raia on their concerts! And, we hope you have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!! Love to you all!!