Wednesday, December 23, 2015


If you prayed for Jaan's rat, THANK YOU! She's doing well. Last Monday we took her to a veterinary clinic. They were rather doubtful about her chances of recovery, but they treated her and sent her home with various medicines. Jaan has been very faithful about getting them into her and even made an extra trip back to the clinic for more, when he spilled one of the medicines. We really weren't seeing any improvement, though. By Thursday, I thought Bella was dying, for sure. And then... Friday morning she was alive and moving around! Now she seems to be recovering quite well and is back to amusing us with her antics again. Apparently the vet hit a nerve with the shot that she gave in Bella's leg, because that leg wasn't working at all; it's slowly coming back now, but Bella is rather funny when she runs. And she's taken up a with rag, that she insists must be wrapped around her perfectly at all times.

Oh, another "little" answer to prayer: Bogdan has completely stopped protesting about being away from me for art school! He's even asking on off days if he can "go to school" and how long it is until his next lessons. So, thank you for praying for him, too.

Now we can all praise God together for His goodness to us.


Baba Julie said...

I'm so glad to hear this! I HAVE been praying for Bella! You know how I love animals, but I love Jaan even more. And, Bella is very special to him. Thank you for this answer to prayer and to the one about Bogdan being glad to go to school. I am very happy about that, as well. Thank you for praying for us, too!

Abby is here now and we are having a nice visit. She and I have made cookies and done a good bit of running around, doing errands. Last night Anna come over and the four of us watched Miracle on 34th St, while eating a wonderful tray of meats, cheeses, fruits and veggies (with "sauces", of course) that the girls put together and some of our homemade Christmas cookies! Very enjoyable evening! (Great movie, too, by the way!) Love y'all!!

Mom said...

Sometimes "little" prayers have big importance. We are very thankful to read of these answers. Love to each one....