Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Happy Birthday, Tanya!

We celebrated Tanya's birthday on Sunday. Friends from church got together, and we tried to beat the heat by sitting in the shade by Tanya's garden.

The birthday couple (Pavel's birthday was yesterday)
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Pavel and Raia
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Yum! Birthday cake!
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Ira, Anya, and Jaan looking for strawberries
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Just having fun together
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Worn out from all the partying
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Please be praying for Pavel, Tanya, and their girls as they travel now to visit relatives.

I thought I'd just add this story about Jaan from an email I had sent to Mom:
He was so funny when it was time for us to go. I was afraid he was going to cry when I told him that it was time. Instead, he said, "Nyum?" I told him that it wasn't time to eat, it was time to go home for bed. Again, he said, "Nyum!" waved goodbye to everyone and took off running toward the gate. We were all rather puzzled as to why he was talking about food and what was making him leave so enthusiastically. Then he stopped at his favorite berry bush and started getting provisions for the road. And he ate berries all the way home. Lately, when we've had to leave, the girls have given him various berries to take with him, so that he wouldn't cry. (Leaving there is always a great tragedy.) I guess he figures that it's just the thing to do now.


BabaJulie said...

Thank you for all the pictures. It almost makes us feel like we are there. Please give Pavel and Tanya our best wishes for the birthdays and tell them that they are in our prayers! In His Love...

Anonymous said...

Please convey our wishes for happy birthdays to both Tanya and Pavel. Thank you for making us part of the pary.

Much love--Mom