Sunday, July 17, 2005

Moscow trip, part 3

Thursday: In the morning we left the guest house, and met up with our friend (and wonderful helper!) Dima S.. He took us to an apartment near ZAGS, where several of his relatives live. Most of them were out at their dacha or busy with work, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. We were so thankful to have this place! We just spent most of that day resting. Jaan actually got a nap, lying down in one place, for the first time since we left home. That makes life a whole lot better for all of us.

I think Jaan and Will also went shopping in the supermarket just across the road on Thursday. In Moscow and other parts of the world a supermarket isn't a big deal, but we've gotten unused to them. We really enjoyed the convenience and treats like fresh broccoli, avocados, celery, chips and salsa, and Mexican food!

Friday: Another nice rest day. . . we went for a really long walk and explored the natural monument area that the apartment looks out on. We actually got to go hiking and berry picking in Moscow! Jaan loved that, and so did the rest of us. Well, Raia slept the whole time, but I think she enjoyed it anyway.

I'm really not going to drag this out too much longer. There's not much more to write, but now I need to go get myself and two little people ready for church. So, once again, to be continued. . .


JulieHunsucker said...

Hi, Phyllis! This is very interesting! Thank you for the details! And, berry picking in Moscow! Think of that!! Much Love to All, Julie

Anonymous said...

Honey--We appreciate every detail and are thankful that amidst the trials of the ten days you had some pleasant times.