Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Random bits

Raia is still pretty fussy. This morning while I was bouncing her and walking back and forth, listening to her scream, Will said, "Well, at least you can brag about her being potty trained and sleeping through the night at just six weeks old." That's not quite true, but I'll brag anyway. (The six weeks part is true; Raia is six weeks old today! For me the newborn stage ends at six weeks, and she does really seem to be growing up.) Yesterday she didn't dirty any diapers. There were wet ones, but she did all her pooping--and she's still like a newborn in that she does a lot of that--in her potty. So far today she's kept that up, too. That means a much easier load of laundry for us. She also slept seven hours straight last night. I don't know if she had just worn herself out with all her fussing, or if she's starting a new trend, but it sure was nice!

Jaan's tantrums are greatly diminishing, and his behavior is almost back to what I would expect out of him. We've been doing "Toddler School," which he loves. We start by singing together, and then have lessons on subjects like Following Directions, Holding Mama's Hand, Picking Up Toys, and just to make it a little more academic, we started working on learning colors. As I said, he loves it. He's constantly going over to the side of the living room where we usually start, standing up straight, singing "la-la-la," and trying to get me to start a session of "Toddler School."

In other news. . .
Yesterday Jaan and I found butterfly eggs! This time I'm pretty sure that we'll have Cabbage Whites, unless there's some other really similar white butterfly here. Of course, they weren't on cabbage, but I looked in my books, and the weed they are on is one of the kinds that Cabbage Whites like.

OK, I did think of a few more things:
I'm afraid Raia's hair is going to fall out. It seems to be starting in the front. That's what Jaan's did when he was little. His hairline started receding and didn't stop until there was nothing left. The rest of her hair is getting longer, though. I'll just keep hoping that it stays.

Jaan used to call me "Baba" (which means grandma) and Will "Tata." These days we're both "Mama." What's so confusing about plain ol' mama and papa?

Fennel tea is a very good thing. It's helping to calm Raia's poor tummy.


Anonymous said...


What a delight your vignettes are! I can just see Jaan "la-la-la-ing" and hoping you will start school. You make it so delightful for him that Raia will soon want to get in the act as well--home schooling at its best!

We are very thankful that Raia is sleeping well at night; that makes a huge difference in your stamina during the busy days.

Much love to each one--Mom

Anonymous said...

PS. And your closing comment will ensure that I check back several times today--M

Anonymous said...

Do you remember giving Jaan camomile tea when he was even younger than Raia is now? I have such sweet photos of you doling out a few drops at a time from a cobalt and gold cup.

Love you all--Mom