Thursday, July 21, 2005

Summer days

This is one of Jaan's favorite activities on these hot days:

"Swimming" in his "pool" on the balcony
Originally uploaded by fylliska.

Today he also got to do some more serious swimming. Will had set up our birth pool over in the Korneichuk's yard, so that we could use it while they are on vacation. (Don't worry, Susan, we're being really careful with it, so that it will be in good shape for you. ) Jaan and his friend Andrusha loved playing in it this evening.


Anonymous said...

Have you compared this to the photo of Will taken in 1978 as he was sitting in the dog's dish?

Love you all--Mom

BabaJulie said...

Oh, Kathy! That's good!! I got a real laugh out of that!!

Phyllis, what a great idea - the balcony pool and the birth pool!! I know Jaan and both boys really enjoyed that! Do many of the Russians have those for the kids to play in during the summer? Love to all!