Saturday, September 03, 2005


Thanks to Alissa's searching, I have maps!

Ivanovo Region


Vladimir Region

Push them together in your mind, so that they meet. Ivanovo Region is on the northern side of Vladimir Region. Just for reference, Moscow is off to the west. All the places I mentioned yesterday are visible, except for Pavlovskii Posad, which is near Petushki, but just outside the "state" line. On Tuesday missionary-pastors will come to us from many of these towns, too.

Thank you, Alissa!

(I hope it's not like plagarism for me to use these maps from MTS. Click on the maps to go to the pages that I took them from.)


BabaJulie said...

Thanks, Alissa! This gives us some idea of the travel Will is doing! I can only think of it as two states in the US and how far that would be! How big are these regions? Anyway, it looks like a lot of distance to me! Praying for you all! Love you, Julie

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey--

Do you have any sort of scale of miles or kilometers? I enjoy maps and appreciate these, but it will take me a while to put the whole thing together in my mind.

How is Will traveling--train, bus, car?

With love and prayers for each of you....

Phyllis said...

I don't know right off how big these regions are. Maybe like small states? It takes about 1.5 hours by train to get from here to Vladimir. Does that help any? I'm sure if you did your own web search, you could find out.

"How is Will traveling--train, bus, car?"
Yes. :-)