Sunday, September 04, 2005

The train!

Plans have changed, so Will won't be here until late tomorrow night. We had thought we would have all day Monday together. Oh, well! Hopefully, the meeting they were able to schedule for tomorrow will mean many more Gospelink sponsorships.

Yesterday evening the sun finally came out, after a long grey day. I packed up our supper, and we set off to the park. We hadn't been to the city park for quite a while. There are rides there for the children, but last time we were there Jaan wasn't nearly old enough to appreciate them. This time I bought him a ticket for the train that goes all over the park. The locomotive is actually built over a Kovrov motorcycle. (This town's claim to fame is the motorcycle factory.) I thought Jaan might be scared to go without me, but I was actually more afraid to send him off than he was to go. He climbed right up, took his seat with the bigger kids, gave his ticket to the driver, and left without even looking back. He couldn't look back; he was too busy inspecting every detail of the train and holding on tight! He loved it, and he's still going around saying "train" today. Trains do happen to be one of his favorite things right now anyway, so I'm sure that adds to his enjoyment of it. We may have to go back again for his birthday.

These grey days have meant that I am having a hard time getting any laundry to dry. Raia's been spending a lot of time diaper-less, and she's doing great! So far she's stayed dry.


Anonymous said...


I can just see Jaan on the train, intently and delightedly taking in every detail. Does he still make the "oooh face"? The part about not looking back so reminds me of you at that age. Although not having Will there is a challenge, you have certainly given Jaan and Raia happy memories of the day.

Much love--Mom

BabaJulie said...

Hi! What a great way to spend an afternoon! I know Jaan had a wonderful time! A future train engineer??? We continue to pray for you all and visa difficulties! What's the latest? Much Love, Julie

BabaJulie said...

Ah! It's good to see that things are progressings with visa registration! We will pray that this gets completed during this next week. And, what an answer to prayer that the local officials will "overlook" you for the next year. Is there any way to get an official invitation from that area? Love to all!