Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The second second birthday

Got that? No, I didn't stutter. Remember I mentioned a second party for Jaan's second birthday? Here it is:

At the table
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After church on Sunday we all went over to the Korneichuks to celebrate two birthdays. Just like last year, we combined the celebrations for Nastya and Jaan. The meal was a joint effort and quite a feast. We contributed four bags of pelmeni and a blueberry cake, made in honor of Jaan. The children had a wonderful time together, and must have really played hard, because our little group polished off all four bags of those pelmeni, plus salad and sandwiches in no time.

Nastya, with her son Illya, and Jaan
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Happy birthday to Jaan and Nastya!


BabaJulie said...

What fun! How nice to have so many celebrations and with so many friends! What a rich heritage Jaan is being given! Can't wait to see you all, friends we have already met and new friends we've yet to meet! In His Love, Julie

Anonymous said...

With a second second birthday Jaan is certainly well celebrated. We continue to be very thankful for your beautiful children and for your commitment to ministry as a family.

Much love--Mom

BlessedPrincess said...

Looks like fun! :)

See ya at the 'shed'.

Leslie Noelani Laurio said...

Hi Phyllis! I didn't know you were blogging! I love all the pictures, and I didn't realize how close our toddlers are in age!

Anonymous said...

It is so neat to see how Jaan has grown. What a wonderful way to experience his birthday. Thanks for sharing with our group,