Friday, September 09, 2005

We have our camera back

Jaan and Mi-ka, ready for bed
Originally uploaded by fylliska.

This should really be on The big boy and his bear.


Anonymous said...

...And we are all glad you do.

I am assuming that is the beloved Mika with your smiling big boy. Since I will be away from the computer this weekend, let me wish him a happy, happy birthday now. Jaan, we send you a giant hug (big enough to share with your whole family).

Much love....

BabaJulie said...

Hi, Everyone! Yes, that Mika looks so much like Will's old bear! It always catches me off guard when I first look at these pictures! It's like seeing Will as a small child again! I can see you,too, Phyllis. But, it is like Deja Vu or something! Precious picture!! Are you all having a birthday party tomorrow? Love to all! Julie

Anonymous said...

Awww What a sweet photo! Jaan has such a great smile! Happy Birthday to Jaan!! I remember whe you posted about his birth! Such a grown up boy now!