Monday, September 26, 2005

Zhatva in Viazniki

Those of you who beg to see photos of me are going to be happy today. Will was busy with the camera.

Enjoying the fall beauty
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We had a wonderful day, starting with train ride. The fall colors were absolutely beautiful! I think yesterday was probably the peak day, and we were able to thoroughly enjoy it.

Jaan and friends
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Of course, it was fun to travel with friends, too. Andrei was excited because it was his first time to ride on a train, and Jaan and Mark were just happy to be together.

Arriving in Viazniki
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Getting a ride from Pasha B.
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Walking to the church
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Jaan and Mark were especially cute on the way from the bus to the church. They held hands and walked together, crunching in the leaves, and talking to each other. There's a bridge over a little ditch that was quite a challenge for them. It's just two boards. First they tried it with each one walking on one board, but they almost fell, so they backed up. After several different attempts they finally ended up with Mark going first and dragging Jaan along behind on the same board.

A song from the Kovrov group
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Another family Zhatva photo
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BabaJulie said...

What precious pictures! It is good to see you, Phyllis! It looks like you all had such a wonderful time. Isn't it great to have a family of believers with whom you can minister to others? What a blessing! Can't wait to be there! In His Love, Julie

Anonymous said...

The pictures bring much pleasure, and the story of Jaan and Mark provokes a chuckle. Thank you for both. Much love--M

Anonymous said...

i remember the little bridge.... attempting to cross it while holding hands in a line of girls and boys.
i miss that church v. much,as well as Ivan's family & the others.
miss you all.
love you.

Anonymous said...

Phyllis those photos are just precious. I wish I had the kind of energy you do! Your photos remind me of my life when I was in my early 20s. It looks like an amazing day. I would love to see Russia in the autumn. I love that skirt btw. It is the one that you made when you were home last isn't it.

I read this article on someone's blog and found it interesting.

Much love to you and your precious family! I so enjoyed the photos!
God Bless.