Monday, November 19, 2007

Catching up

All three children are asleep right now. Hard to believe! Nap times have been rough lately. Often it seems like the children are up and down like popcorn the whole afternoon.

Today is a beautiful day! Very cold, but clear. All the trees are coated with hoarfrost. After nap time we're probably going to go sledding with our friends. We're staying in an apartment owned by very kind friends near Moscow. It's so wonderful to have a nice, safe place to stay. We don't have to worry about Migration Control knocking on our door here. And remember I said we'd be less communicative because of our internet connection? We have the fastest, unlimited connection imaginable! I'm enjoying classical radio stations all over the world, Jaan gets to play with Starfall for a few minutes a day, and once we get a microphone, you all should try calling us with Skype.

I forgot to bring our camera cord, so all our photos are stuck in the camera for right now, but I can tell you about the past few days:
Wednesday we travelled to get here. It was a long day, but an uncomplicated trip.
Thursday Will went to Moscow, to get a paper that we needed from the American embassy. We stayed here, enjoyed the wonderful fresh snow, and had a great time visiting with our friends here.
Friday Will did a lot of running around, getting documents sent off and such. We mostly just rested. . . and Asya fussed.
Saturday was another exhausting, FUN day. We went into Moscow to visit our friend Julie, who has just arrived in Russia, and also to spend the day with Jon and Carrie and their sweet little ones. I can't wait to post the pictures from that!
Sunday: after the day before, we could barely move! And so we didn't do much at all. Will went to the local home group.

And that catches us up to today. . . .


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update; we continue to be very grateful for this relief along the way. With appreciative greetings to your kind friends and much love to each of you...

Anonymous said...

We're so happy to hear about your situation. It sounds like it's very comfortable and that's so good! We're also encouraged to hear that you got to see Julie and Jon and Carrie!! What fun! Take care and We love you! Julie/Mom/Baba

Anonymous said...

Will and Phyllis, thanks for the updates! WDAV, 89.9FM is one of the best classical stations in the US, in my humble opinion. You have to put up with Government Radio (NPR), but you might get a bit of Charlotte news and weather too. Of course, is the online version of The Charlotte Observer, another liberal rag, but again some Charlotte news.

Praying frequently for all details.

much love to each one,


Mrs said...

You were able to see Julie! I'm so glad! There's a certain Stephen I. who's planning to make a trip your way in '08. By your way, I mean St. Petersberg. Let's just say he'll be in country.

Enjoy the snow! Praying for that baby girl to feel less fussy, and continued prayers for paperwork.

JacciM said...

So good to hear from you. I thought of you just the other day and wondered how the visa issue was coming along. The Amy C. poem you posted fit perfectly. We will see what our great God will do :)


Alissa Maxwell said...

So glad to hear you are reveling in your high speed connection. How ironic that you are unable to access your pictures. Just the way these things work. Praying that Asya moves quickly through her fussy weeks and into more smiles and laughter soon!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I haven't been checking in because I thought you were incommunicado...what a fun surprise! I seem to remember Caiden going though a really fussy stage at about the same age. =( I will be praying for Asya to move through it quickly!! So glad you got to see Julie!

Hopefully I'll get more pics from Tim's wedding and will post those the meantime if you're curious, you can visit my facebook. I only have two, but it might hold you over. =)

Love you all!

Phyllis said...

d/b/g, (that makes me smile :-) I've been listening to stations from this site. They didn't have WDAV, but I went and found it after you mentioned it. It doesn't work too well for us. Will says that we're too far away. :-) So far, our favorite is "Baroque Around the Clock," AVRO Klassiek, except that we can't understand the announcements.

Mrs, Stephen and I have already been plotting together. :-)

Thanks for all the prayers!