Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pictures and update

Last Saturday Julie hosted a day of fellowship in Moscow for us and our friends who were passing through. I decided to experiment with Picasa, since I have this great internet connection. Here are all the photos we took on that wonderful day:

And now for an update:
Obviously, since I have the camera cord, Will has been home. He left on Friday to go back for the regional meeting that was on Saturday. Soon after he left, I got an email from the Russian Consulate in Kiev, telling Will to bring back his new visa to be annulled. What!?!?! (Please pray!) Also, at home Will found a letter in our mailbox, saying that Kovrov Migration Control is appealing the court decision that was in my favor. What!?!?! (Please pray!) That's the bad news. The good news is that the regional Vladimir-Ivanovo Baptist Union was approved to invite foreigners with no problem, and they took the initiative on their own to try inviting us on work visas, which is a new and really good option. It sounds like we'll have those in February. (Please pray!)

So, where are we now? In the land of confusion! Will came back from Kovrov/Vladimir last night around midnight. Tomorrow he is going to call Kiev and see if he can clear up anything there. He'll also leave early in the morning to get all of our passports translated and notarized in Moscow and hopefully out to Ivanovo to be turned in right away for those new visas. Then, he'll get ready to be in line early to talk to the regional head of Migration in Vladimir on Tuesday--the only day he receives people--in hope that he can help. (Please pray!)

Now I've told you all I know. Hopefully you're not as confused about it as we are! Just a warning in advance: our answer to all questions is going to be, "We don't know yet."

If I have time tomorrow, I'll tell you about our wonderful Thanksgiving day. . . with photos!


Anonymous said...

I just watched your slide show three times and am certain I will return several times later today to see it again. Thanks!

Heartfelt prayers and much love....

Anonymous said...

Yes, Phyllis! Thanks for the slide show! It is wonderful! And, I am scared about this "new" news. I know I shouldn't be! "Casting all your cares upon Him, for He careth for you"!! (I'm casting!! And, praying!!) Love y'all! Julie/Mom/Baba

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures. I was frustrated by the rapid speed of viewing and small size of the pictures until I figured out that clicking on a picture took me to the page where they are stored. They were bigger and allowed me to stop the slide show. This works on a Mac. I assume it will work on Windows.

We are praying for your visa woes.

Lindy Johnson said...

Thanks for the slide show. It's good to see you and the children. I can't begin to understand the visa issues you must live with in Russia. I hope Will gets good news in his visa quest.

Anonymous said...

Yowsa, such drama in the visa adventure (such a positive word to describe this mess!)- we will keep praying!

LOVED the pics. Also love the facebook Christmas album. Sorry, but I couldn't stop laughing long enough to critique any of them. Now I understand why my Mother never even tried to take family pics while we were bitty. =) Hehe...I really liked the one where Jaan was loving Asya and she wasn't loving him;)

We just got back from being away for 4 days. Give me a day or two to get re-organized and settled in and I'll tell you all about our adventures these days.

Love to you all!!

Alissa Maxwell said...

I love the slideshow! I should figure out how to do that on our blog. Very cool!

And, of course, praying for visas continues...