Thursday, November 01, 2007

Recent photos

The oak
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A while ago I wrote about collecting acorns. One of them sprouted! And a few days ago Mark's grandmother pointed out another oak tree to Jaan and Raia. This time they took note of the leaves that had fallen from it. When our little tree got big enough for the leaves to be visible, Jaan pointed out that we have "an oak on the top, and an acorn on the bottom."

Will says that if Jaan and Raia could really work, we'd have a new apartment by now. They are constantly "working." Everything is a tool, and there are all kinds of sound effects. They work together beautifully, too. I love to watch them!

Worker Jaan
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Off to work!

Worker Raia
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"I want to pet the baby."
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When Raia is tired she always wants to "pet" Asya and suck her finger. (Jaan just jumped into the photo.)

Reading with Papa
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Jaan's favorite pastime!

Oh, and Raia just pointed out all the R's (which look like P) on the cover of a "Russian Reporter" magazine! I didn't know that she knew that! There were quite a few of them.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the glimpses of life. Love to each one....

Baba Julie said...

Love it!! I know will have them working as soon as he can, as his father did his children!!! I can see them hammering, painting, etc in the next couple of years!! And, such beautiful "worker people" they are!!! Love y'all!

Mrs said...

Oooh, where'd they get the hats? How fun is that?

Anonymous said...

Very CUTE!!!

Carrie said...

I received a text message today on my phone from Phyllis. All is well with the family. They have not been able to get online since Thursday. They hope to get the problem fixed within the next few days.


Phyllis said...

Mrs, there's really only one hat. They share it. Will found it. :-)

Thanks, Carrie!

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed. 42 enthusiastic 10 year olds. I've gotta tell you, that made me feel pretty darn good, because my headmaster is always saying that the kids and parents aren't that interested in the Arts. And 42 is what I ended up with. I had about 10 more, whose parents wouldn't let them take the class. Boy, did I feel justified that day. =-)

Anonymous said...

I want tp pet the baby too! :)

Anonymous said...

to I mean