Friday, November 23, 2007

Construction preschool?

This building where we're staying is surrounded by construction sites. We spend most of our outside time watching the work. I was feeling a little funny out there with my bunch this morning, wondering if people thought we were weird just to be standing in one spot for an hour, watching. Then I saw a teacher come out of the building next to us, with a whole preschool class lined up behind her, two by two. They all took places along the fence and joined us in watching. I guess we're not that weird after all.

Please try not to worry, if you don't hear from us. Nap time used to be my computer time, but now Asya has decided that it's our time. If I don't write, assume that my hands are happily full, not that something is wrong.


Anonymous said...

Hi Phyllis,
I'm really happy that you figured out how to comment on our blog... I had no idea how it was possible either! I really am quite internet illiterate overall. I get by with a lot of help from my husband. =) I am praying for your visa situation and enjoy reading your blog. Now that you are on my "friends" list, I will have a direct link to your blog and remember to read it more often.

Anonymous said...

My mind's eye rejoices to see you all lined up along the edge of the construction site.....Do you remember when you and Leetra set up your little chairs at the end of our driveway to watch the paving of the road out front? Education abounds for those who will watch.

Much love...

PS. Enjoy those precious times with that baby; she will grow up much too quickly.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Phyllis! I know the children were just fascinated with the construction! So good you have that opportunity! Love to all of you! Julie/Mom/Baba