Saturday, November 24, 2007

Visits with friends, two months old, etc.

Carrie has started posting photos from our time together. They're great! I hope to get some of ours up here soon.

Until then, here's an older picture from a few Saturdays ago (November 3), when we were still at home in Kovrov. Friends from church came to officially welcome Asya. It was like a little baby shower. Here are some of the younger guests:

The children's "table"
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Asya's two months old today! Again, I would love to post photos of her, but that will have to wait a little longer.

(There. I typed this whole entry with both Jaan and Raia sitting in my lap. Jaan has kept up a continuous stream of questions the whole time, and both he and Raia keep bumping the keyboard, bouncing around, blocking my view of the screen, and generally trying to thwart my typing efforts. They're too big to fit in my lap. Asya's asleep!)

EDITED LATER TO ADD: Here are photos of our big girl!

The two-month-old
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Pretty in pink
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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Carrie! Happy two-month birthday, Asya!

It's always wonderful to have your updates, Phyllis, particularly because we know every posting represents dearly bought time and precious effort.

We love you all....

Anonymous said...

Hi, Phyllis!! What a cute picture of Pavel and Tanya's children and of Jaan and Raia! Adorable! And, what a sweet picture you paint of Jaan and Raia bouncing around on your lap as you try to keep us up with the latest!! Thank you!! Love y'all! Julie/Mom/Baba

DaDaHaZaReJe said...

Oh, Phyllis I remember those days - and they seem like yesterday! Now mine are all too big for my lap. Jesse still tries to fit occasionally but not for long. And now I'm chuckling because I typed most of this with a cat in my lap until the dear graceless creature slipped off mid purr!

Carrie said...

Oh,I love the 2 month old photos of Asya. She is so cute. Hope her and Abigail can play again soon.