Thursday, November 08, 2007

Did you miss us?

First, before you read any farther, stop and pray for me. We had another visit from the local law enforcement agencies yesterday. Now it's my turn. I have to go in and talk to them tomorrow morning. Up until now, Will's done all the talking, and I'd rather not have to do this!

So, did you miss us? Our internet connection went out a week ago. Will got it going again yesterday, but I didn't have a chance to post anything until now.

It's really winter here now! We've had snow off and on for a while, but it was all slushy. (Ooo! Will just came in with a pair of the little plastic training skis that Jaan has been dreaming of and talking about for a year now! We're going to hide them away until there's a little more snow. ) The transition seasons of spring and fall are beautiful here, but they're MESSY. Now the mud has frozen, so we can really enjoy the snow. And, since it got colder, we've had sunshine all day, every day.

Getting ready to go out
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It's quite an undertaking to get everyone out the door. Usually I dress Asya and start Raia rocking her. Then I help Jaan get ready and send him outside. Then I dress Raia, while rocking Asya with my foot. Last of all I jump into my coat, and we girls go out. Whew! This morning Asya started fussing, while Raia was talking care of her, waiting for me. I heard a sweet little voice say, "Baby, don't be afraid. God is with you, and I'm right here, too."

Asya, ready to go out
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See the eyes?

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Help from Papa
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Happy girl
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Oh, I love that Raia is saying funny things now, too. Yesterday when we came in, she insisted that her feet were "sleepy." Thought she meant tired, but no, she insisted that were sleepy and that she understood that meant they wanted to sleep. After naptime they felt fine again.

Another Raia story: this one isn't a funny thing that she said. It was just a very toddler-ish thing that she did. We had fish and cole slaw for supper tonight. She was dipping her fish in ketchup ("kepuch"), and when she finished there was still a little ketchup left. So, she grabbed a handful of cole slaw, dipped it in the leftover, and stuffed it into her mouth.


Anonymous said...

Precious pictures, both verbal and visual.


e said...

i DID miss you guys!! glad you're back on...but I'm a little jealous of the snow...we just have cold here, no REAL snow yet... :(

Baba Julie said...

Hi, Phyllis - Again, we are praying and praying! We are praying for peace for you all, the words to say and for God to work in the hearts of these men!

Thank you for these wonderful pictures!! It makes us wish we were there! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we did miss you! and the new photos are a treat as always--love the one of Asya.

Praying very much for you to have the calm and the words that are just right, and for mercy, and for all of this to be a witness to these folks.

Much love to each one,


JacciM said...

Girl, you are a ROCK! I thought I was hot stuff getting outside when my Little Dude was 6 weeks, but it wasn't winter and I wasn't in Russia! You get some serious CM mama points for getting out there :)

On a more serious note, I know I don't really "know" you, but I will pray that everything works out *quickly* with visas for you and your husband. I'll also pray that the Lord would give you the faith you need to just rest in Him. It must be hard. I will pray for you!!


P.S. I have an Open House at my blog this week. I'd love it if you'd stop by :)