Thursday, November 03, 2005


Our straight A student
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I'm a very proud Mama this morning. I was reading "Pirate Story" in A Child's Garden of Verses to Jaan this morning. When got to "Shall it be to Africa" Jaan nonchalantly pointed to the A and said "A." I thought it was just a fluke, but then he flipped through the whole book pointing out uppercase A's! As I've said before, I'm not big on teaching formal school too early, but I had told him the names of some letters before. He didn't seem interested, but I guess it stuck anyway.

(I really am trying to be diligent to get the youth club invitations designed and translate Gospelink letters. I just had to post about this first. We didn't get the last Gospelink quarter finished, and now there's a new one coming up on us, so I need to get moving. . . back to work, Phyllis!)


Anonymous said...

Very pleased, but not entirely surprised.....You have provided a rich environment for early learning, and Jaan has responded. You do know that Dad doesn't remember not being able to read (double negative intended); don't you?

Keep the joy of learning alive (and I know you will)!

Much love...

BabaJulie said...

Wonderful! Jaan may have the same experience as your dad and not remember not being able to read! I think Jaan has a great "reading heritage"! Bravo! Love to All!

Anonymous said...

You mother is not being quite accurate in her recollection of my nonrecollection. I have been told that I could read before I was four. All I remember is that I could read before I went to college.

I have also been told that my great grandfather used to say about me, "Now that is one smart boy. He knows where the candy jar is." I was less than three when he first said that.

Love from the Space Potato

Anonymous said...

Phyllis!!! You gave us the surprise of our life!!! Thank you so very much! We all feel incredibly blessed by your generosity and the fact that you thought of us. Click on my name for my blog to see the rest of the story and pics.

I cannot believe how much Jaan and Raia are growing! Wow! Snow already too!!

Much Love to you all! :-)

PS. I will send you an email so you know my dc's names. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Phyllis! This is Emily Hinely. Jaan is such a cute homeschooler at heart. Lydia, my neice, is starting to scribble a lot too. thanks for the pictures!