Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Not as planned

Today I was going to spend the morning outside with the children, so that Will could sleep in a little and then work on Gospelink letters undisturbed. Well, we three woke up to rain, and then Will was awakened by me running in and exclaiming "There's water spraying up under the kitchen sink!"


Anonymous said...

In the midst of daily challenges like plumbing problems, our prayers continue for you.

Much love--

Lindy Johnson said...

Looking at your recent pictures reminds me of days at Bama and Po's when you and Leetra were little. I'm so sorry my boys weren't able to have the time with grandparents like you did. The resemblance of Raia to Leetra is especially striking. We too are having a rainy/snowy/gray day that will result in significant snow accumulation by tomorrow.

Phyllis said...

Hi Aunt Lindy! It's fun to know that you're reading here. I think of you every time I see Raia with her thumb in her mouth and hand in her hair. :-)

I do remember and treasure those early years with Bama and Po. I also see myself and Leetra in Jaan and Raia. Leetra and I 22 months apart; they're 21 months apart. The brown hair with brown eyes is first, followed by the blond blue-eyed one.

BabaJulie said...

Hi, Phyllis! Oh, I can't wait for your parents to see Raia in person! I think it's going to be Deja Vu for them! She looks so much like Leetra to me that I can't believe it and I never saw Leetra as a baby!! And, I do see you and Leetra in Jaan and Raia, too! Praying for all of you! Much Love!